Solutions Delivery


Our associates have extensive experience providing rapidly delivered and targeted value-based solutions within complex programs of work that encompass process improvement, systems development, and organizational change. Our approach and methods are proven to reduce risk while providing quality holistic solutions across our client’s program portfolio.

At IS Domain, Inc. our ability to provide portfolio-level leadership and direction and to build integrated teams to rapidly deliver on targeted initiatives provides our clients with competitive edge.  We can work with you to enable the realignment of your resources from a support or reactive model to focused high-value projects – and actually know which projects are highest value to the business.

IS Domain, Inc. works with our clients to take a holistic view of a company’s overall IT strategy and helps both IT and business leaders vet project proposals by matching them with the company’s strategic objectives. This IT portfolio is managed like a financial portfolio; riskier strategic investments (high-growth stocks) are balanced with more conservative investments (cash funds), and the mix is constantly monitored to assess which projects are on track, which need help and which should be shut down.

Our seasoned team of professionals perform key roles within an effective Solutions Delivery team providing…

  • IT Demand Management and Portfolio Planning – Prioritizing IT projects to achieve your business strategy
  • Program Management and Roadmapping – Delivering programs that drive innovation and transformational change
  • IT Resource Management and Capacity Planning - Putting the right resources on the right work at the right time
  • IT Project Planning and Management - Manage IT project schedules, work, and resources across your entire portfolio tracking benefits realization and requirements traceability to ensure successful delivery
  • Financial Management - Manage costs against budget and across portfolios
  • IT Analytics and Reporting - Analyze portfolio and project performance for better decision making