Gary Scroggs

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President and CEO
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Strategic visionary and team builder. Strives for a balance of financial responsibility and risk taking. Manages team to established goals, and successful conclusions.

Has a proven track record of successful leadership roles over the past 25 years, progressively moving into more senior roles. Entrepreneurial focus in all aspects of team building and ongoing operations.

Mr. Scroggs has led the transformation of the IS Domain Inc business model from a pure telecommunications focused consultancy to a complex application, network and services integration organization. Utilizing all of the techniques used to rapidly build software solutions, IS Domain ensures that DevOps, Lean, and Agile approach components will work in harmony.

Overlaying this development capability, IS Domain also has the expertise to design, configure, install, and 'operationalize' the supporting network components for delivering high speed data services, video services, and voice services.

Surrounded by his hand-picked team, Mr. Scroggs intends to lead IS Domain to a dominate position in the work being undertaken in the Rural Electrical Cooperatives with Agile Fractal Grid Inc.

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